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I am a management consultant providing business problem solving and cost reduction through
proven analysis methods and technology.
I offer computer and procedural solutions that fit your business needs.
Almost anything dealing with computers and systems is my focus.
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• PET separation feasibility study involving separating PET, Aluminum, ferrous metals and polyolefins using developmentally challenged individuals.
• Implemented a Purchasing system based on QuickBooks.
• Created small company website, Eco-Tech.WS and implemented a marketing campaign based on the website.
• Modified an order entry and invoicing system to fit company's business needs.
• Created an Equipment Information System.
• Reduction of manufacturing mistakes through organization and implementation of scheduling procedures.
• Reorganization of packaging department resulting in better communications and cleaner work environment.
• Implemented a new blowing agent delivery system at a new customer.
• Implementation of a sales organization system.
• Investigated why sales for a division continued to degrade and identified the problems.
• Troubleshot a purchasing department, made suggestions and implemented those suggestions.
• Troubleshot second shift operations, made suggestions and implemented those suggestions.
• Transferred a manufacturing operation from Illinois to Indiana.
• Shut down a manufacturing operation with all that it entailed.
• Reorganized an Illinois manufacturing operation, stopping the bleeding and making it profitable.
• Purchased, implemented, and modified to fit company requirements, a complete manufacturing system (batch ticketing, inventory, labeling, scheduling, etc.) and accounting system (order entry, invoicing, general ledger, etc)

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